Weekly Menu . . . let’s get back on track !

Tuna Fish Meatballs

Tuna Fish Meatballs

Summer has been busy, and it has been fun to be “off track” and not have a real schedule . . .  but now we need to get back to real life !

This week I am going to get back on track and plan my family’s meals ahead. I like to do this so that I do not need to think about what’s for dinner or what I’ll be offering my children for lunch every morning . . . the thinking has already been done!

I share my weekly menu on this blog for two reasons, the first is so that you can benefit from my thinking ( if you wish) and take some of my ideas for your own weekly meals. You will find many of my recipes on this blog also.

The second reason why I share this plan is that maybe you live in the Collingwood Ontario area and would like to order some of my food . . .  this way you don’t need to think about it OR cook it !!

Monday: Lunch will a lovely Egg salad sandwich. Dinner will be pasta with my home made Pesto.

Tuesday:Lunch will be a baguette sandwich filled with Tuscan salame. Dinner tonight will be Barley Risotto with Mushrooms

Wednesday: Lunch will be Pasta with Tomato sauce ( home made with my soffritto) and dinner will be Tuna Meatballs.

Thursday: Lunch will be a smoked turkey breast roll. Dinner tonight will be the family favourite Mozzarella in Carrozza. I always make extra of this because the kids love it the next day too !!

Mozzarella in Carrozza

Mozzarella in Carrozza

Friday: Lunch will be Mozzarella in Carrozza from last night.  Dinner tonight will be Saltimbocca alla Romana.

Saturday lunch is when the kids are home and we will be eating up the leftovers from the dinners during the week . . . if there are any !! Dinner on saturday needs to be easy as I am never home – Pasta with meat sauce will be perfect!

Sunday . . .  I think that I will surprise the family with a nice brunch on Sunday and prepare some home made waffles, a nice frittata and bacon and eggs. Dinner tonight will be a nice leek and potato soup . . .  I hope there will be enough for lunch on monday too !!!

Please feel free do download my weekly meal planner if you wish to plan your meals like I do: Meal plan link