Services offered

Personal chef is just the tag on by my name. First of all I am a mother and wife, and very passionate about cooking !!

I can offer many different services, here are some ideas:

Filetto di maiale in crosta

– Weekly meal plans – I know what it is like when you have children’s after school activities above the everyday life and don’t have time to cook a propper dinner. I also know what it is like to be at work untill late and get home so tired that all you eat is a bowl of cereal! Here you can find my menu.

– Grocery Shopping, imagine arriving at your chalet or cottage and finding your refrigerator has been stocked up, and dinner in the oven ?!? … Priceless !!

– Dinner parties or luncheons . . . how many times have you given up entertaining because you didn’t have time to prepare ? I can prepare the food and leave it for you, or I can prapare it and stay at your house untill all the food is served and the kitchen is all titided up, so you can enjoy your company without worrying about the kitchen.

Opening of an Art Gallery

– Big events, an anniversiry, a birthday party, I have experience in catering to groups up to100/ 150 people.

– As a member of the Association of Italian Cuisine Teachers I can teach Italian cooking lessons, from the bruschetta, to the tortellini, from the ossobuco to tuscan bread that you need to make ribollita, and the italian pastry and the crostata, the panna cotta and . . .  much more.

– A fun thing to do is to combine the dinner party with a cooking lesson . . .  everyone will get their hands dirty and enjoy what they prepared !

– And then I can get your kid’s lunches, and snacks, and birthday cakes, or your lunch or your snaks 🙂

2 thoughts on “Services offered

  1. Hello, I’m interested in getting a quote for a dinner party for 4-6 people to be catered by you as a gift to my father for christmas.
    thank you, Alex

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