About me

My name is Grazia, I was born in Italy of a Canadian mother and an Italian father, I grew up in Florence Italy learning the best of both worlds.

After a lifetime of amateur cooking, I finally decided to turn my passion into my profession.

Now I am a qualified personal chef, and I work from any kitchen, even yours ! I understand both the Italian and the Canadian culture and tastes.

Wether you are on holiday or just over for the weekend, I can make your life easyer by doing your grocery shopping and making sure that dinner is ready when you get home.

As a personal chef I can prepare dinner parties, birthdays, anniversaries, or even just an aperitivo can become a special event when you can be with your guests and not in the kitchen. You can enjoy snacks after skiing all day, or lunch and dinner for you everyday. I can organize your weekly menu, so you don’t even have to think about it.Grazia Acanfora

I am a qualified teacher of italian cuisine by the Association of Italian Cuisine Teachers of Milan, and can teach you to make anything from home made potato gnocchi, to lasagne, or ossobuco, even that crunchy turcan bread used to make bruschetta!

One of my goals is to provide true italian food, served in a fancy or family stile, made ahead or express, as long as it is healthy, tasty and fully enjoyable.

Come visit our location in Stayner or visit our website.



6 thoughts on “About me

  1. Sono Angela abbiamo fatto diverse conferenze sull’alimentazione alla fine ci hanno fatto un sacco di domande ma poi mi sono sempre chiesta che uso hanno fatto delle informazioni che abbiamo seminato. Penso da tempo che il cambiamento dello stile di vita voluto o imposto da una patologia è difficile nella testa delle persone, altrimenti non si spiegherebbero le continue ricerche di diete. L’idea di un percorso nutrizionale pratico mi sembra la cosa più saggia a questa ci aggiungerei accompagnamento alla spesa lettura delle etichette vorrei sviluppare un progetto in merito possiamo parlarne mi interessa condividere la tua esperienza.

  2. Congratulations on this email and your business endeavour. My suggestion is to have someone proof read your pages before sending.

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