February 2016 Cooking Lesson Calendar

Cooking lessons

(click here to download)

February 2 – Tuesday

Home made egg pasta . . .  no more secrets to tagliatelle, ravioli, and capellini

February 9  – Tuesday

Risotto . . .  the real thing, with the onion, the wine and all the different possibilities.

February 16 – Tuesday

Lets make home made pizza and focaccia . . .  the real one

February 20 – Saturday

Kneading retreat with Life Coach – Janick Lemieux – Please email for more info.

March 1  – Tuesday

Gnocchi . . . potato gnocchi, semolino gnocchi, spinach and ricotta . . .

and more !

Information for all lessons except Feb. 20.

▪Reservations must be made by the Friday before the lesson

▪Lessons are from 5pm to 7pm

▪Minimum 2, maximum 6 participants

▪Price per person $ 60.00 + Tax

▪Included in the price: 2 hour lesson (from a Teacher of Italian Cuisine of the Association of Italian Cuisine Teachers in Milan), recipes, and you take home the food you prepared.



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