Saltimbocca alla Romana

Saltimbocca alla romanaA litteral translation of the name would be “jump in your mouth in the roman style”.

Saltimbocca is a an ancient Italian dish, the first person to write about it was Pellegrino Artusi who was born in 1820 and was probably the first to write a cookbook of Italian Cuisine.

We think that the dish originates from the North of Italy in the city of Brescia because Artusi speaks of them in his book after a trip to Rome in a Trattoria called Le Venete. But since Artusi ate them in Rome they have become a typical dish from Rome, hence the name “alla romana”.

This is how I make them:


Ingredients Saltimbocca

  • veal cutlets
  • ham or prosciutto
  • sliced cheese fontina ( please not the processed ) – I used Havrati
  • fresh sage
  • flour
  • butter
  • white wine


  • lay each veal slice on your cutting board
  • place a slice of ham and a slice of cheese on the meat

Prep Saltimbocca

  • fold it in half as I did or roll it up

Saltimbocca ready to cook

  • place 1 leaf of sage and secure it with a tooth pick (as shown in picture)
  • when ready to cook, lightly flour the saltimbocca
  • cook in a pan with butter and olive oil
  • turn them over a couple of times so that the meat is all cooked and the cheese melts
  • deglaze with some white wine ( or Marsala if you prefer them sweeter)
  • serve hot or warm with it’s own yummy sauce

Saltimbocca !


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