Hamburger buns – 5 ingredients !!

hamburger bunSince we have moved to Canada, one of the things that we noticed is that there are soooooo many ingredients in the food !!

The one that surprises me the most is bread ! In tuscany we make our bread with 3 ingredients: flour, water, yeast ( here is my recipe for tuscan bread) !

I have decided to bake my own !

I’ve tried many ricipes from the web, some are very elaborate, some are too quick ( in the sense that they use baking powder instead of yeast) and some just didn’t taste great.

My source is often a website called – I love the recipes and the way they are explained in an easy and simple way.

The recipe for the “panini al latte” is on video here 

Panini al latte

I will write the recipe as I have made a few changes, and the original is only in italian!


  • 200g milk or water (3/4 cup + 1 tablespoon) warm – I used water
  • 400 g flour ( 2 3/4 cups) I used half all purpouse and half Manitoba flour
  • 25g yeast if fresh or 8 g if dry (4 tsp of dry yeast)
  • 14 g sugar (3 tsp) I only used 1 1/2
  • 8 g salt ( 1 1/2 tsp)
  • 30 g of shortening or butter ( 1/4 cup) – optional . . . I used shortening
  • 2 Egg whites
  • 2 egg yolks to make them shiny


  • In your mixer bowl melt the yeast and sugar with the water and add 3/4 of the flour, the egg whites and the shortening
  • Mix for about 3 minutes
  • then add the remaining flour with the salt
  • Mix for 10 or 12 minutes
  • then dump onto a clean floured work surface and fold it on itself once or twice
  • lightly grease a container with olive oil and set dough into it, gently rub a couple of drops of oil on dough, cover the container and set aside to rise ( if using right away, you can set the container inside your oven which will be turned off but with JUST the light on).
  • Recipe calls for 1 hour at least of rising.
  • What I did at this point is, since I wanted to bake the buns the next day, I put the covered container in the refrigerator over night.
  • Next morining I followed the instructions on the video:
  • I dumped the dough on the work surface and folded it in 3 ( like puff pastry), and in 3 again ( to make a square) – my dough for some reason was more sticky than the one on the video
  • I let it rest for 15 minutes instead of 10
  • then cut the dough into 8 balls ( each about 100 g) and followed the instructions for rolling the buns out.
  • Then I let it rest for 1  hour instead of 30 minutes – the dough was still chilly from the fridge
  • I brushed the buns with egg yolk ( that I had beat with a tsp of water and a pinch of salt) and sprinkled them with some seseme seeds
  • Buns were cooked in the hot oven for almost 30 minutes ( a bit more than the recipe calls for)

They were delicious !!!

Thank you Vittorio from !!

cut hamburger bun


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