What a change

Tagliatelle home made

Time really flies, since my last post in february many many things have changed !

I have been really busy as my family and I have moved to Canada !

The organiziation of an intecontinental move is no joke, there are so many things to think about . . .  plus, it’s not just me and my husband, I have 2 kids also !!

Unfortunately this did not leave me with much time to write posts here . . .  though I still did cook a whole lot 🙂

Within 9 months we gave birth to our new life, we found a home, a school, a car, and all the necessary connections ( gas, hydro, water, tv, phone, internet) and health cards, and so on . . .

Crusty home made bread

We now live in a small ( ish) town in Ontario, right on a lake and very close to a ski area – we love it !!!

If you wonder why we would leave such a beautiful country as Italy to move to such different setting . . . . the reasons are very, very many, but to sum things up, Italy is a wonderful place to go to on holiday . . .  living there in this time in history is not the easyest!

bread and schiacciata

So here we are in Canada, and living it 🙂

There will be changes in this blog also, you may have noticed that there are attuali 2 blogs, one is personalchefgrazia and one is personalchefgraziaenglish . . .  what I will do is update only the first one (personalchefgrazia), and I will do it in English, so if you follow me on the second version, please change the subscription.

I hope you will enjoy finding out about my new discoveries with Canadian ingredients, such as home made pasta and bread, and chocolate caramel bars, and foods

Guacamole by Allegra


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